Board of Assessors

The Board of Assessors shall have all the powers and duties given to Boards of Assessors by the laws of the Commonwealth, the Charter, By-Laws or by other Town Meeting votes. The Board of Assessors establishes assessed values of real and personal property, and reviews Applications for Abatement.

Assessed values are based on "full and fair cash value", or 100% of fair market value. Assessors do not raise or lower taxes, or set the tax rate. Assessors reassess values each year so that the property taxpayer pays his or her fair share of the cost of local government, in proportion to the amount of money the property is worth. Property and Excise Tax Bills are issued by the Tax Collector. Property Tax bills are based on a Fiscal Year (July1 to June 30), and are issued on a Quarterly basis (4 times per year).

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Carol LeConti



Laura Shifrin

Vice Chairman


Julie Byars