Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission is responsible for enforcement of the Mass. Wetlands Protection Act, the Townsend General Wetlands Bylaws, and the Squannacook & Nissitissit Act of 1975. Other services include review of lands coming out of Chapter 61, management of Old Meetinghouse Park and other conservation land, and general promotion of conservation activities within the town.

Townsend is home to the Squannassit Area of Critical Environmental Concern, and has significant conservation land that provides for excellent wildlife habitat and many recreational activities, such as hunting, fishing, canoeing, and hiking.

Members (7 Members, three year terms each, staggered so that the terms of as nearly an equal number of members shall expire each year)

Appointed By: Board of Selectmen

Conservation Commissioners

Karen Hill


Anne Le Cuyer


Jennifer Eaton
Joan Savoy
James Gates
James Deroian
James Le Cuyer