Real Estate Taxes

  • Real Estate Taxes are committed to the Tax Collector from the Assessors through the Warrant. 
  • Real Estate tax bills are MAILED twice a year with each mailing containing two remittance coupon bills, and are due to be paid on August 1, November 1, February 1, & May 1, for that fiscal year. 
  • Real Estate tax payments must be received by the Tax Collector's by 4:00p.m. on the due date *. 14% Interest rate starts accruing at midnight of the Due date Per MA Gen. Law (charges & interest are mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue). 
  •  After May 1st every year, the Tax Collector issues a Demand Bill, which includes a $30.00 Demand Fee and interest.
Demand Bills are issued for unpaid Real Estate Taxes, giving the taxpayers an additional 14 days to pay. After several weeks, a letter is sent to the Taxpayer notifying them of Overdue Tax, and if it is not paid the Town will implement Tax Title Procedures. The Tax Lien is then advertised. Up until the lien is advertised, the taxpayer can come in to the Tax Collector and set up a Payment Plan. If the tax is not paid in full by the date specified in the advertisement, the lien process will continue. After the lien is advertised (public notice) as required, the Tax Collector records the Lien at the Registry of Deeds, and the property is then in Tax Title. (The Tax Title Attorney will look for a mortgage on the property, and notify the mortgage company (other lienholders), if any, that there is a problem. The taxpayer can can come in to the Treasurer's Office and set up a Payment Plan any time, but the Lien will remain on the property until the tax delinquency is paid in full. The lien includes charges, interest, Land Court fees, and all attorney's fees as well.) Click here for more details

  • E-bill payments set up through/from your bank account for Real Estate Tax: the PARCEL ID: Map-Block-Lot should be referenced along with your Bill # & Fiscal Year you are paying, and your phone number in case there are any issues or questions.
  • In an effort to save costs it is our policy that if you are a “Multi-Parcel” Owner with the same mailing address on your accounts, most likely all of your Real Estate Tax Bills will be mailed to you together in one envelope.