Town Clerk

Dog Licenses:  On-line (make sure we have update rabies information).  Fees have been changed:  Neutered or Spayed:  $8.00, Unaltered $13.00.

Vital Records:  On-line or by appointment (restricted or underage records you will need to come into the office, ID is required)

Marriage Intention and Licenses:  Available during regular office hours.

Register to vote on-line at:

The Town Clerk's Office serves as the central information point for local residents and citizens at large.

The Town Clerk is the keeper of vital statistics, the custodian of the Town Seal, administers the oath of office to all persons elected or appointed to any Town office,  and issues such licenses and permits as are required by law.  The Town Clerk in Townsend is also the Records Access Officer.

The Town Clerk supervises and manages the conduct of all elections and other matters relating to elections.  The Town Clerk serves as the Clerk of Town Meeting, keeps its records, and in the absence of the Town Moderator and Deputy Moderator, presides pending election of a temporary Moderator by Town Meeting vote. 

The Town Clerk has such other powers and duties as given by the laws of the Commonwealth, the Town Charter, By-Laws and by other Town Meeting vote.

Contact Info:
Kathleen Spofford, CMMC, Town Clerk

Jessica Funaiole, Assistant Town Clerk

Hours of Operation:
Hours open to the public: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Tuesdays we are open 9 am to 6 pm Fridays 9 am to noon.
(978) 597-1700 ext.1704

(978) 597-8135

272 Main Street, lower Level
Townsend, MA 01469
United States

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