Planning a Project?

I am planning a Project - Do I need to contact the Conservation Commission?
If you are planning to do any work within 100' of a Wetland, or within 200' of a river (this includes any stream that runs year-round) or a pond, you should call the Conservation Agent, who may make an appointment to walk your project with you. Based upon information gathered at this visit, the Agent will advise you in a course of action, which may include:
  • No Cons Comm action is required (it is clear that the law does not apply to my project)
  • Request for Administrative Approval (for very minor impacts)
  • File a Request For Determination of Applicability (does the law apply to my project ?)
  • File a Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD) (I want to establish exactly where the wetland boundaries and buffer zones are)
  • File a Notice of Intent (the law clearly applies to my project, I want to present my project to the Commission; The Commission will review my plans, possibly request certain data, and apply the laws and protocols. If the Commission determines that the work can be done without harm to the environment, it will issue an Order of Conditions, clearly laying out the steps that must be taken to protect the wetlands near my project. They will monitor the project, and if violations are seen, may take enforcement action)
  • Or other forms of information or communication, to determine if Cons Comm action is required
The law applies to work within the Wetlands or buffer zones, including but not limited to: work which changes grades (cutting or filling), tree clearing, and construction (driveways, buildings, septic systems, etc.).
Some minor activities are exempt from the law, including but not limited to: common landscaping tasks, driveway maintenance, certain home improvement projects, fencing that does not create a barrier to wildlife movement, stone walls, and stacking of cordwood. For more information please follow the link: Wetlands Guide
If you are still not certain whether your activities are exempt, please reach out to the Conservation Commission via phone or email.
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