Bylaws & Rules / Regulations

The Bylaws available online at General Code are for reference purposes only. The Town of Townsend makes no guarantee that the information is the latest update or complete. Do not rely on the online information for legal purposes. If you need a Certified Copy of the Bylaws, you must obtain a hard copy form the Town Clerk.
The General Code site does not provide an Index, but does provide a handy Search function, which is even better.
  • For Rules & Regulations - Search at Chapter 175
  • For Zoning Bylaws - Search at Chapter 145
Follow this link to Townsend General Code & click on the plus signs to expand a section.
New: Section 145-36 Accessory apartments in residential district.  Amended Spring Town meeting 2019.   Please click to open the Bulletin August 26, 2019, Re: Annual Town Meeting May 7, 2019 below.  
No charge for Hard Copy, unless noted
  • The Preface
  • The Table of Contents  (Start here if you're not sure where to start)
  • Part I  The Town Charter
  • Part II The General Bylaw
  • Part III The Zoning Bylaw - $20 per copy at Town Clerk
  • Part IV  Regulations - $20 per copy at Town Clerk
 -Conservation Commission / Wetlands
 -Board of Health:
               -Article 1  Well Regulations
               -Article 2  Subsurface Disposal Regulations  (18 page)
               -Article 3  Tobacco
               -Environmental Tobacco Smoke Regulation  (6 page)
-Planning Board / Subdivision
               -Article 1  Introduction
               -Article 2  Subdivision Control
               -Article 3  Special Permits
               -Article 4  Tree Hearings Under The Scenic Roads Act
  • The Appendix
  • Dispositions
  • The Index
  • Entire Code of Townsend - includes all of the above - $60 per copy at Town Clerk