Planning Applications

Townsend is committed to supporting its residents and developers in accessibility of information regarding applications, codes, and regulations. To support this goal, Land Use staff are able to offer informal Pre-application Informational Review at no additional cost to any residents or applicants. It is highly recommended that all applicants schedule a Pre-application Informational Review to review complete application requirements prior to submission. Any incomplete applications may be subject to rejection and application fee may not be refunded as determined by Bylaws and regulations. A Pre-application Informational Review is the best way to ensure all requirements are understood and met prior to final application submission.

All applications for Definitive Plan Subdivision Approval and Stormwater Permits must be submitted in print and digital format, by appointment only with Land Use Staff to include comprehensive application review for completeness. To schedule a Pre-application Informational Review or an appointment for application submission, please contact the Land Use Department at 978-597-1700 ext 1723. Remote, on site, and in office meetings available.

  • ANR Application
  • ANR Instructions
  • ANR Regulations for Submissions
  • Authorization to Represent Owner
  • Certified List of Abutters
  • Definitive Plan Subdivision Approval Application
  • Form J-Lot Release
  • Preliminary Plan Application
  • Request for Extension
  • Scenic Road Application
  • Site Plan Special Permit Application
  • Stormwater Permit Application
  • Instructions for Submitting Applications & Plans to Planning Board