Summary of Benefits

Eligibility for Benefits

:  Employees who work 30 hours or more per week are considered “full-time benefited employees” and are "fully benefited".

PART-TIME BENEFITED:  Employees who work at least 20 hours per week but less than 30 hours per week are considered "part-time benefited employees" and are also "fully benefited" (eligible for all of the same benefits as full-time employees).

NON-BENEFITED:  Employees who work less than 20 hours per week, including fractional, seasonal, and temporary employees (less than 6 months), compensated volunteers, and election workers are considered "non-benefited employees".  While these individuals are not eligible for benefits outside of mandatory retirement plans (certain *OBRA exemptions apply), they are eligible to partake in most of the free employee assistance & wellness programs that we offer.

Benefit Enrollment Windows
NEW-HIRES:  New-hires must enroll for benefits within 30 days of hire.  If they do not enroll within 30 days, they must wait until the next Annual Open Enrollment window unless they become eligible for a "special enrollment period" due to a qualifying life event (QLE).  NOTE: New-hires need not wait until the end of their probationary period to be eligible for benefits.

ANNUAL OPEN ENROLLMENT:  Once enrolled for benefits, unless they qualify for a "special enrollment period", active employees must wait until the Annual Open Enrollment window to initiate new benefit plan enrollments and/or to make certain changes to existing plans. Our Annual Open Enrollment window occurs during the first three weeks of May for enrollments and/or changes to take effect on the first day of our next fiscal year (July 1st).

:  Active employees may qualify for “special enrollment periods” due to qualified life events (QLEs) at any point during the fiscal year. QLEs include life altering events such as childbirth or adoption, marriage or divorce, and/or loss of coverage elsewhere.



CLICK HERE - For an online catalog of all our BCBS health, dental, and vision plans (or view them individually below).
CLICK HERE - For side-by-side health, dental, and vision plan out-of-pocket expense comparison charts.
CLICK HERE - For our FY25 benefit plan rate sheet, outlining what each benefit will cost you on a bi-weekly basis.
CLICK HERE - For a list of tools and resources to save you time & money - plus, even earn cash and prizes!

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Health Insurance 
The Town provides health insurance in conformance with Chapter 32B of MGL.  For health insurance, the employee pays 25% of the cost and the Town pays 75% of the cost.  We offer the following three health insurance plans from which to choose.  
HMO Blue New England:
Summary / Coverages

HMO Blue Select:
Introduction / Summary / Coverages

PPO Blue Care Elect: 
Summary / Coverages

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Dental Insurance
NOTE:  Employees pay 100% of the cost for dental plans (but at our group pricing).   

Dental Blue Freedom Low Plan:

Dental Blue Freedom High Plan:

Blue 20_20 Logo  
Vision Insurance
NOTE:  Employees pay 100% of the cost for vision plans (but at our group pricing).  

Blue 20/20 Premium Vision Plan: 

Blue 20/20 Benefits for Minors: 

Medicare Plan Options
Medex 2
(Supplemental Plan):

Blue Medicare RX
(Prescription Plan): 

Boston Mutual
Group Term Life Ins.
NOTE: The Town provides $2,000 of group term life insurance to eligible employees.  The Town pays 50% and the employee pays 50%.  Currently, the cost is $2.00/mo (so employees pay $1.00/mo).  Employees may, at their own option, purchase additional insurance at 100% of the cost.

Boston Mutual Group Term Life:


Flexible Spending Accounts

NOTE:  Flexible Spending Accounts are designed to make your money work harder for you through pre-tax contributions toward eligible expenses.  The maximum Flexible Spending Account contribution as of July 1, 2024 (the start of FY25) is $3,200.  The maximum contribution toward a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account is $5,000 (or $2,500 if married and filing taxes separately). 

Flexible Spending Account:

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account: 

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Supplemental Coverage Plans

— Short Term Disability
— Accident Coverage
— Critical Illness + Cancer
— Medical Bridge
— Term Life
— Whole Life

- For a form to express your interest in any of the above listed supplemental c
overage plans offered through Colonial Life Insurance.  For further information regarding individualized coverage plan options and pricing, please contact Colonial Life directly at (401) 596-1510.

Retirement Plan Icon (m) - Copy  Mandatory Retirement Plans

Fully-benefited employees must enroll in Middlesex County Retirement System (MCRS) plans and non-benefited employees must enroll in OBRA Mandatory SmartPlans, with the exception of certain *OBRA exemptions.

Question:  Why are Retirement Plans mandatory?

Answer:  Local town governments do not pay into the Social Security system, so the State of MA requires all public municipal employees to mandatorily contribute a percentage of their salary toward retirement, with the exception of certain *OBRA exemptions.

Question:  How much must I contribute to my mandatory Retirement Plan?

Answer (for fully benefited employees):  You must contribute 9% of your regular compensation into the Middlesex County Retirement System (MCRS) plan if you earn under $30,000 per year or 11% if you earn $30,000 or more per year.  For more information, CLICK HERE for the MCRS website.

Answer (for non-benefited employees without an *OBRA exemption):  You must contribute 7.5% of your gross income into an OBRA Mandatory SmartPlan.  For more information, CLICK HERE for an information guide and/or CLICK HERE for the SmartPlan website.

*OBRA Exemptions: election workers, employees hired to be relieved from unemployment status, temporary emergency workers responding to weather related emergencies, employees who are already receiving mandatory distributions from the Middlesex County Retirement System, and 1099 contract employees are exempt from the State of MA’s OBRA Mandatory SmartPlan requirement.

Question:  What if I want to contribute more than what is minimally required toward my Retirement?

Answer:  Y
ou certainly may. Please see below to learn about additional (voluntary) retirement plans.

Retirement Plan Icon (v) - Copy  Voluntary (Additional) Retirement Plans  

Fully-Benefited Employees who are enrolled in the Middlesex County Retirement System and want to save more than the minimally required 9% or 11% of their regular compensation toward retirement, may opt to open a separate Non-OBRA SmartPlan as a second retirement savings vehicle. CLICK HERE for information about the Non-OBRA SmartPlan. 

Non-Benefited Employees who are enrolled in an OBRA Mandatory SmartPlan and want to save more than the minimally required 7.5% of their gross income toward retirement, may opt to open a separate Voluntary SmartPlan as a second retirement savings vehicle. CLICK HERE for information about the Voluntary SmartPlan. 

Employee Assistance Programs

(website under construction)
NOTE:  Employee Assistance Programs offer a plethora of free and confidential services to all employees and household members.

Employee Wellness Programs
(website under construction)
NOTE:  All Employee Wellness Programs are free and open to all employees, whether on-site or on-line.

Enrollment Forms
All relevant benefit enrollment forms are provided within our Onboarding Kits found under the "Onboarding for New-Hires" page.  Benefit enrollment and change forms are also provided within materials provided to employees each May during our Annual Open Enrollment window. Active employees who qualify for special enrollment periods due to qualifying life events may contact the Human Resources Department for applicable benefit enrollment and change forms.

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