Required Permits

  • Permits are required for the following work
  • Application forms are available online or at the Highway Department
Driveway Permits - Any new driveway, the relocation of an existing driveway or new common driveway requires a Driveway Permit and an application fee. Each permit will be checked by both the Highway Superintendent and Building Inspector for proper sight distance, safety and whether or not a drainage pipe is required. Once the driveway work is completed, it will be checked to ensure all permit requirements were met. Paving of an existing driveway does not require a driveway permit. Click here for application.

Road Opening Permit - A Road Opening Permit must be obtained from the Highway Department for any excavations within the Town's Right-Of-Way, including sidewalks and shoulder areas. The permit requires a $100.00 application fee. Click here for the application.

* For properties located along Route 119 permits are required by MASSDOT - see for more information.