Cemetery and Parks Commissioners
Pursuant to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 45, Section 5, the Cemetery and Parks Commissioners of the Town of Townsend hereby adopt the following rules for the use and governance of the Town’s common and parks:

  • Littering, defacing or causing damage to park property is strictly prohibited.
  • No motor vehicles shall be allowed on the Town Common, except briefly to load and unload items. No vehicles with a GVW of 10,000 pounds, or more shall be allowed, except with written permission of the Board of Cemetery and Parks Commissioners. Event organizers are responsible to monitor vehicular traffic on and off the common.
  • No person shall be allowed to sit on the fence surrounding the Common.
  • No person shall be allowed to use a spade, shovel or other digging implement on the Common except in the course of repairs thereon. No obstructions across sidewalks including but not limited to: hoses, electrical cords, rope.
  • No animals shall be allowed within the bounds of the Common except for service animals
  • All groups using the Town Common or other park land must remove any trash or refuse so that no excess trash is left on the Common or park grounds. All groups must police the grounds after their event.  Any group which fails to properly clean up after its event will be charged a clean up fee commensurate with the rubbish removal.
  • Groups are responsible for any damage which occurs during their event.
  • The Cemetery and Parks Commissioners reserve the right to charge persons, groups or vendors such fees for the use of the Common as they may from time to time determine.
  • Town Common shall be closed from 11PM to dawn.
  • Only signs announcing events on the Common or Town Meetings or Elections are permitted on the sign post. Prior approval of the Superintendent is required. Banners must be 3’ x 8’ in size. Banners may be placed on the sign post no more than two weeks before an event and taken down no more than 24 hours after the event.  No free standing signs/banners are allowed on the common.
  • No Bicycles, scooters, segway, rollerblades or skateboarding during events on the Common.
  • The foregoing rules are adopted to ensure the enjoyment of all of our Town commons and parks. March 11, 2019