Townsend Deeds and other instruments are recorded at Middlesex South District Registry of Deeds in Cambridge

How to Get a Copy of your Deed
1. The Assessors' Office maintains copies of Deeds
From 1979 to 2003, copies of which are free to homeowners.
2. Deeds are also available online at the Cambridge Registry of Deeds.
  • Most land is Recorded Land. Recorded land records are online from 1-2-1974 to present.
  • Registered Land is land that has gone through Land Court, and has a Certificate number.
  • You can search by name, address, Book & Page, and Document number. When searching by name, the seller is the Grantor and the buyer is the Grantee.
  • You can print a copy at no charge.
  • You can also see mortgages, plans, homesteads, liens, foreclosures, etc. - all recorded documents.
3. You can go to the Middlesex Southern District Registry Of Deeds in Cambridge

Southern Middlesex District Registry of Deeds
208 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA  02141

  • Use the indexes on the computer stations if needed, to find your document's book and page. Then find the book on the shelf and bring it to one of the copiers, and pay $.50 per page to make your own copies!
  • If you're going to the Registry, call for hours, and leave plenty of time - the parking is tough and the Registry is in the Courthouse. You enter only from Cambridge Street, and go through metal detectors.